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      Traditionally related to a terracotta production and ornamental ceramic objects, the shop of “Gaetano Fasano s.r.l”, over the last thirty years,has known how to conjugate the mutates existances of life with renovative and artistic thoughts and creativity.

     A modern design, new shapes, a refined style, and the exaltation of an ever stolid spirit have permitted the “Gaetano Fasano s.r.l.” boutique to be the first in great workmanship and works of decor.

     Typical, j quote, are the mastodontic Capasoni, the marvellous caspò decorated and enriched by sculptures, also in clay, the precious scene of Crist’s birth, conserved in the Castle cittadino, composed of a hundred pieces all to life size.




   The problem with the boutique “Gaetano Fasano s.r.l.” is the exuberant print and the talent of young workman capable of sweeping away the “very past”, dark colours, and to overcome the national confines, this way removing from the grottagliese ceramics, the provincial complexity: the convention that  in art exists no movement but works that justify them because each work of art is borne from the life of man, from their experiences, from encounters, from the authenticity of personal research, from the continuing comparison between one’s self and others, and from love.

     It is useful to remember that, at the moment, each company effort is sworn to guarantee maximum hygienic and sanitary security, using varnishes with no lead, succeeding in a work of safe-keeping, the conservation and valorisation of a workman’s product of very high artistic value, aligning with quality and preciousness, with full respect of the figuline, celebrated in domestic use.


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